Finishing my first Marathon for Team In Training, Maui 2002. I never expected to run a Marathon. 26.2 Miles. Well in 2002, I did it. And I raised over $3800 to help find cures for blood cancers thru the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's Team-In-Training program. Then in 2004 I decided to do an Olympic Distance Triathlon with TNT. Now, in 2008, I've decided to run another Marathon. This time the Rock And Roll Marathon in San Diego, June 1st, 2008. In addition, I'm going to raise over $3000 to fight blood cancers while I train. You Can Help me do it!

New Stuff! -- Expelled

Openwave Systems Inc. is a medium size company, where I wrote software for Large Email Servers.

Competing with computers for my spare time are my bicycles. I have done a lot of bike touring. I try to ride whenever I can get off my lazy butt, which isn't often enough lately. My current favorite place to Mtn. Bike is Henry Coe State Park, a wilderness park where you're either going up or going down.

When I'm not out riding or hiking somewhere, I'm looking at a map to figure out where to go next. I've got two topographic maps up on walls in my office at home. They are both 7.5' USGS maps of the area where I live, and the surrounding mountains. Burried away somewhere (remember, we're in the middle of moving) I've got 1:500,000 topographic maps of California and Utah. The California map reaches from the floor, almost to the ceiling. The Utah map is by Raven, and the colors really make the different elevations stand out.

Look for more info on the new house once we get it fixed up some and it stops looking like a disaster area. At this point, the inside is starting to look pretty sharp, but the front and back yards need some definate TLC!.

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